Involved in the ebb and flow of the economy and history since 1898

The chronology of the company charts its development from a freight carrier to a versatile logistics service provider:


Founding in Berlin.


BERGEMANN first makes an appearance in Hamburg.


A subsidiary is established in Stettin.


The subsidiary is closed prior to the outbreak of the war.
BERGEMANN had already been involved in the international import and export business at the time, primarily by sea.


Wartime events make it impossible to continue this work. The company comes to a standstill.


The proprietor at the time joins up with R Sebesse and F Becker.
Together they reactivate the company during the reconstruction phase. Naturally, at the beginning there is only national truck and railway transportation but international trade picks up very quickly during the economic upturn, giving BERGEMANN the opportunity to return to its business of traditional overseas carriage.

The 1960s and 1970s

The demands of a growing number of customers shape the development of the company. BERGEMANN already begins to plan and realize incoming and outgoing shipments via all modes of transport. This thus lays the foundation stone for the company that is so versatile today.


BERGEMANN becomes an incorporated company operating from then on as BERGEMANN & Co. Nchf. GmbH.

1980s and 1990s

BERGEMANN rounds off its service offering and develops into a logistics service provider.